Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Massachusetts Famous People Wax Museum

Mattea as Deborah Sampson
"I was nervous and I put a lot of effort in, but it payed off being Deborah Sampson."

Ryan McWhinnie as Paul Revere

Ryan McElroy as Benjamin Franklin
"It was very fun to dress up as Ben Franklin and tell about my poster."

Daniel as Benjamin Franklin
"It was fun to learn about Benjamin Franklin and what he did."

Joshua as Alexander Graham Bell
"It was fun to see people come up to me and ask me questions like, Who are you?"

Samantha as Eli Whitney
"I liked learning about Eli Whitney."

Haley as Clara Barton
"It was fun learning about Clara Barton."

Aarushi as Phillis Wheatley
"I loved how people talked to me as if I was Phillis Wheatley and how people complimented me."

Paige as Susan B. Anthony
"It was fun to learn about Susan B. Anthony."

Ava as Clara Barton
"It was really fun to learn about Clara Barton and see what everyone else did."

Skylar as Deborah Sampson
"I love how people loved my poster and how I met new people."

Pia as Phillis Wheatley
"It was awesome to learn about Phillis Wheatley because she had an interesting life."

Brennan as Paul Revere
"It was fun learning about Paul Revere."

Sofie as Susan B. Anthony
"I loved all the people asking me about Susan Brownell Anthony."
Our Class - Room 203

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