Writing Homework Expectation

Monday Night Homework Directions
Each Monday your child will have a writing assignment that will be due by Thursday.Attached are the rough draft outline and a guide for using transition words to begin each sentence. They are from a writing program that we refer to as 4 square writing. Each of the papers is divided into 4 separate squares that will assist in organizing sentence writing for the paragraph. The transition word guide corresponds with the squares on the rough draft outline. Your child should use the transition words to begin each sentence for each square.The center square on the rough draft outline is for the opening sentence.
Correct spelling, punctuation, and word choice are important. Please check your child’s rough draft and make any necessary corrections. Discussing the use o interesting verbs and adjectives to make a good paragraph great, are also integral to the writing process.
Star quality is given to those paragraphs that go above and beyond what is asked for each assignment. Star quality assignments are read aloud to the class.
Though this may seem lengthy, it should take no more than 20-30 minutes to complete this assignment. It may be helpful to divide the writing up using the following schedule:
Monday: Read over the writing topic, brainstorm ideas (creating a web would be a great idea), begin a rough draft on 4 square paper.
Tuesday: Compete the rough draft outline and have an adult edit the writing for spelling, punctuation, and word choice.
Wednesday: Copy corrected rough draft outline over on the final draft paper to pass in on Thursday.
*The transition word guide should stay at home to assist with writing each week. The 4 square outline rough draft must come back with the final copy!
Please let me know if you have any questions or need clarification. Happy Writing!!!

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