Friday, September 30, 2016

Mapping with Miss Fallon

Miss Fallon worked with my class to create a map of Burlington.

Burlington Tour Field Trip

Today we went on a field trip to learn about Burlington history.  We went to the Burial Ground, Grand View Farm, the Museum and the West School.  We learned a lot about our town!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

On Going Flat Stanley Project


On Going Flat Stanley Project
Room 203

We read Flat Stanley in class last week.  Everyone created their very own Flat Character to take on adventures.  This project can be as long or as short as you want.  Everyone is required to complete at least one adventure this year.  Most students enjoy the adventures and want to do more.  This year, we are going to create a digital book, using Book Creator, to write about the adventures.  
Each student will decide when and where the adventure will happen.  My students are responsible for taking their Flat Character on an adventure.  They may choose a sporting event, a play date, going to the park, dinner, movies etc.  After the adventure, your child will write a creative journal entry about what happened.  They will bring their story to school and type it into their digital book.  You can send me any pictures that we can insert into their books.  They can ask family members to take their Flat Character on adventures too.  That family member would write up the adventure and give it to their child to bring to school.  
At the end of the year, each child will have a digital book of creative stories to share.  They are very excited for this activity.  Any questions, please email me.
I can’t wait to hear the adventures!!

Refraction Experiment

We are learning about light in Science.  We completed our first experiment.  The purpose of the experiment was to see that light can bend (Refracted).  We started with a clear cup of water, a cup of oil and a straw.We made observations of how the straw looked in the water, in the oil and then in the oil/water mix.  Everyone had fun with this experiment.  Look at the pictures below to see what we noticed.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Math Strategies

Today we began our first math lesson.  It was very interesting to see the different strategies that my students used to solve multiplication problems.  Check out the different ways to solve 3 x 5
Make an array

Draw a picture

Repeated Addition

Skip Counting

Friday, September 9, 2016

First Week Fun Written by Students in Room 203

Our first week of third grade was AWESOME!!!  We had a paper snowball fight to get to know each other.  Don't worry, nobody got hurt.  We played math bingo on the first day and it was fun.  Brennan, Mattea, and Pia won a round in Bingo, so they were the callers.  We all wrote and illustrated a circular story.  Our parents will read them at Open House.  Yesterday we worked in groups to act out Shel Silverstein poems.  We felt nervous, happy and silly with this activity.  We read a book called the Important Book and then wrote the important things about us!  This was the best week ever!!!